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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

People who will Save Your Job (and Sanity)

This topic has been touched on before in great depth by other blogs, so I'll just give it a quick once-over with my own unique perspective.  These are the people who you need to be really, really nice to.

1.  Copy Center - these people rock.  They have pulled my ass out of the fire more times than I can count.  Probably the hardest working folks in our firm.  They know more about organizing and the best uses of firm technology than the best paralegals will know in a lifetime.

2.  Court Clerks - always, always, ALWAYS be nice to these people no matter what.  Your patience will eventually be rewarded when you really, really need their help.  Usually when something has gone horribly wrong.  Like the time I e-filed something that was supposed to be sealed and forgot to check that box. 

3.  Your fellow paralegals - these are the people who can most directly help you in your time of need, and cover for you during vacations and illness.  Being the one who always steps up to help them will be remembered.  If it isn't, then don't be afraid to use a little guilt to prompt someone into doing the right thing.

4.  Couriers - The unsung heroes of our industry, they walk, bike and drive all over creation to get your critical documents where they need to be.  They also know where the best food is, and the quickest way to get to anywhere.


Paralegal said...

I'd like to add the process server your firm uses (if any). I don't use them in bankruptcy, but in criminal they saved my ass many times.
Paralegal Hell

Grumpy Humbug said...

Yes, how could I forget them! Shame on me.