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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Day - My Chair is NOT an Inbox

I have an inbox. It's the top tier of a three-tier rack prominently located on the front corner of my desk, directly facing the door to my office. It is the very first thing you will see upon walking through my door. It's even got a bright white label with big black letters that say "INBOX" on it. Pretty hard to miss. It's like that so that *I* will see things when I come back to my office and deal with them accordingly.

So why do people walk through my door, past the Inbox, around my desk and put non-important crap on my chair? Why? Mental defect? Stupidity? Are they blind to white-black contrast and thus don't see the label on the Inbox?

If it's a critical matter that needs my immediate attention, then fine, I can begrudgingly give you a pass for putting it on my chair. But stuff that just needs to be put in a file? My bi-monthly copy of Paralegal Today? Seriously?

Yes, this seems petty and unimportant. But there are times when I actually want to SIT in my chair when I get back to my office. I'm pretty sure that's what chairs were meant for.


Anonymous said...

Haha! I am a paralegal too and yes, that is soooo annoying. It's like they think their pile of crap is more important so it can bypass the inbox. Sometimes I want to sit on it and be like.."What file? Did you put it in my inbox? No? Oh, whould you look at that, I'm sitting on it!" Love your blog!

GrumpyHumbug said...

Amanda - HA! Hadn't thought of doing that before. Thanks!

Paralegal said...

Yep- happens to me all the time. My policy is that if it is in my chair, I throw it on the floor. When Boss comes in and asks for whatever shit was in my chair I just point to the floor, where he bends down, picks it up and leaves.
Seriously- I know his office is an unorganized piece of shit, but don't mess up my office.

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