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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Countries that read A Paralegals Life

One of the more interesting tools on Blogger's dashboard is a map that shows what countries you are getting readers from.  Fully aware of the possibility that some people may just be accessing the internet from one country through a server located in another country, it's still curious some of the places that pop up, roughly in order of traffic volume:

1.  USA!  USA!  USA!  - OK, OK, no big surprise. 

2.  Canada - Sure, there are paralegals in Canada.  Same basic legal system, and we (mostly) speak the same language, eh?

3.  Australia - G'day!  Planning to visit sometime, just not looking forward to the flight.

4.  New Zealand - Go Kiwis! 

5.  Germany - My ancestors would be proud that I'm attacting readers from the homeland.

6.  France - C'mon, really?  They use an entirely different legal system!  Guess I have to read up on the Napoleonic Code.

7.  Korea - OK.  Sure.  Why not?  Love your food, by the way.

8.  Saudi Arabia - Whuck???  I hope one of these readers contacts me, because I have no idea how I attracted readers from Saudi Arabia.  Expats?  Military?  What?

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