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Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a thin line between Hatred and Loathing

I hate printers, but I downright loathe copiers.  Photocopiers achieved sentience about 15 years ago, when they became smart enough to figure out how foul up our work at the worst possible moment.  They do it on purpose. 

Five minutes to get something to the courthouse?  Paper jam! 

Need to scan a critical document to get it filed by a 5:00 deadline and it's 4:57?  "Please clean the scanning lens."

Why am I the only person in an office of nearly a hundred who runs out the toner cartridge? 


Anonymous said...

Why am I the only person in an office of 7 who knows how to remove a paper jam?!

Elizabeth said...

THIS! I can't handle it. I make the secretary do everything related to the copier. Patience is a characteristic I clearly lack.

Elizabeth said...

@ Amanda - I am the only one in an office of 5 who knows how to change the toner, so I feel ya!

Anonymous said...

I also find it mathematically impossible that I am consistently the only one the copier's final piece of paper seems to always find. But it still happens. All. The. Time.

Grumpy Humbug said...

The more copiers an office has, the less likely you can find one that's available and not broken.