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Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh cruel fate, why dost thou punish me?

With the exception of Mondays, is there anything worse than a Friday with little or no work?  Watching the hours slowly tick by, whilst I twiddle my thumbs, is enough to drive one crazy.  I don't usually mind slow days, but when it hits on a Friday they just turn unfair and cruel.


Space said...

Well... You could always come over here and help me with transferring the highlighted designations of 116 depositions into brackets all because the partners have all agreed that "they would look much prettier" in pen than in highlighter. (and, no, we don't do electronic stuff here.)

Kate said...


Sit around until noon, go out to lunch, having accomplished basically nothing.

Over lunch, attorney asks 'hey, up for some filing'? Well, sure, my billable could always use some help.

Fine. Takes half an hour for review, changes, filing, service.

Sit around.

Finally convince self to work on shitty project I've been avoiding.

Start getting into the mindless tedium of it.

Attorney out of the office calls. "OMG. OPEN MY MAIL. FIND THE DISCOVERY PRODUCTION. GET IT TO CO-COUNSEL. I GUESS TOMORROW IS OKAY BUT YESTERDAY WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER' Cue frantic phone calls to try to figure out if co-counsel's office accepted Saturday FedEx deliveries. Don't. Spend half an hour or more screwing around with numerous phone calls with IT/paralegal/associate before finally figuring it out.

Glance back at shitty project. Reluctantly start it again.


Do the marketing work. Computer crashes halfway throughout. Did I remember to save? Of course not.


Redo work.

Look at clock. Realize it's 8pm, and that I'm not nearly far enough along in the shitty project for boss's satisfaction on Monday.

So, six or more hours this weekend to look forward to.

Now, if all this had started when I'd walked in the door, maybe I'd not be going in tomorrow.