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Friday, May 13, 2011

Attorneys - Appreciate your Paralegals!!!

One time, a while back, the following situation occured:

An attorney asked me to resume work on a PI case the client had previously put on hold at the end of discovery.  I get instructions and some backstory from the attorney (it wasn't originally my file), and start to collect the info to draft a SJ Motion.  Of course, it's never THAT simple...

Supposedly, the defendants were planning to file bankruptcy, which meant our action would be put on hold (11 U.S.C. section 362 - the Automatic Stay).  The client elected to put it on hold and wait for the bankruptcy to be safe.  Because they didn't subsequently get notice that the defendants ever filed for bankruptcy, the client decided to resume and file a summary judgment motion. 

About a half hour into the process, my old Bankruptcy experience (belatedly) kicks in, and I remember how many times my previous firm was tripped up by people who filed bankruptcy but failed to properly notice their creditors' attorneys in pending civil cases (yes, you are required to do that). 

I go to PACER, and unsurprisingly shockingly *heavy sigh*, they filed for bankruptcy months ago.  I collect all the information on the bankruptcy case, forward it to the attorney, and all he says in return is "OK, back on hold".

No "thanks".  No "good catch".  Not even a tiny little "I deeply appreciate you saving my butt from violating federal law and getting sanctioned."  Nope.  Just "OK". 

Hint:  If your paralegal saves your ass from looking like an ass, "OK" is not the proper expression of gratitude.  "Thanks" hardly covers it, but will usually suffice as minimally acceptable.

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Paralegal said...

But, according to one reader who posted a comment today on my blog, without douchebag attorneys, we wouldn't have a job at all, so we should stop our bitching, because without lawyers, we would wouldn't have jobs.
We, apparently, should all quit our jobs and hating on the awesomeness of lawyers.

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