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Friday, October 14, 2011

Congratulations! It's a bouncing baby problem!

Sigh.  The Main Office ("TMO") strikes again.  I sense a running theme here in my new digs.

I sent them a large pile of documents that we received from our client.  Being new, I contacted the appropriate minion at TMO's discovery support department for instructions.  After following the minion's instructions on how to organize the documents appropriately, they were forwarded to said minion.

Days pass, and one of our associates comes to me and says the documents are not loaded correctly into the discovery software.  So now I have to spend yet more time fixing a problem that could have been avoided if (a) minion had given me the correct instructions or (b) someone at TMO bothered to notice the problem and spend an extra couple of minutes fixing it before scanning the documents. 

Yep, communication is SUPER-great between us and TMO. 

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