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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Few Things I Just Don't Get

There are a few things about life that I just don't "get" so to speak.  Here's a few...

1.  The inexplicable need for lawyers and judges to use Latin phrases instead of just saying stuff in the same language the rest of the document is written in.  It’s a dead language people, let it rest in peace.

2.  Glee.  I’m just too straight and male.  (Sorry, PH.) 

3.  People who drive in the left lane on the highway and don’t pass. 

4.  Fashion.  I understand that some people want to look good, I just don’t particularly care. My entire professional wardrobe involves khakis, white shirts and a couple of plain suits.  In a world where we aren’t supposed to judge people by their appearance, we spend a lot of time, effort and money on appearance. 

5.  People who are famous despite not having done anything to earn it.  Like Jersey Shore, or the Kardashians.  Unless I’m missing some key piece of information.

6.  Why do Blue Book citations still use old-style abbreviations for US states that the rest of the world abandoned 40-some years ago?  Wouldn’t it be much easier on everyone if they changed to the standard 2-letter format the Post Office requires? 

7.  Where’s my effin’ flying car already? 


Icchic said...

AMEN on all of the above...especially #6!!

Love your blog!


craiganddb said...

I really love your blog too, but it is a little hard on my eyes with the black background :(