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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

Before we begin, regular readers must be aware that I'm (mostly) departing from my usual snarcasm-filled ire. 

Today is a day when we in the United States of America gather with family and/or friends, to recognize and celebrate the great blessings, freedoms and luck that we enjoy.  This is thanks to the bravery and sacrifices of our ancestors, most who came to this great land, be it 2 hours or 20000 years ago. 

I am thankful for:

A loving (although smothering) family who has supported me through thick and thin without turning their backs on me, ever, even when they had every right to do so. 

The opportunity to do a job I like (yes, I do like it!) and make a decent living in the bargain.

The freedom to say what I want, write what I want, and eat what I want.   (Right now I'm eating leftover potato skins with cheddar cheese and bacon that were appetizers earlier today.  Turkey only takes a man so far.)

For each and every reader of this blog, who have commented on my posts, encouraged me by e-mail, asked me for advice, and played along with my random silliness over on the Paralegal Hell Purgatory Panel.

That my favorite football team has yet again lived up to their reputation as "nearly good enough to be almost great", as they have for the past 22 seasons.  (I have low expectations from this team  I'm especially thankful they haven't completely imploded yet.)

Most of all, I am thankful to live in a (relatively) free country.  People who live here may complain about the USA, but it's a better place to live than anywhere else on earth. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Lynne DeVenny said...

Here's to loving smothering and leftovers :)