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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stupid the Cat

Due to literally no some a few requests, I'm relenting to no pressure and publishing pictures of my beloved yet barely mentioned, best friend Stupid the Cat.  I feel that these poorly planned candid pictures capture him in his most clueless best possible light. 

First, a candid shot to prove he really IS a cat:

This is how he spends most of his day.  I envy the joy he gets from spreading out on a brick floor for 8 hours straight.  Bastard.

Next, he's looking into your eyes and saying "what?  huh?  noms?  belly scratch?  Am I adorable enough?"

This is what I come home to each night.  Yet mysteriously, I still come home each night.  Mostly because at least one creature on this miserable planet is happy to see me just because I'm there, and not because I'm doing anything to benefit them. 

Finally, the saddest coup de grace, and most apt pose,

"Hey, where are you going? I'm cute!  DAMMIT I AM SO F#%$ing CUTE!!!  COME BACK!!!"

That's what I leave behind each morning going to work.  It does remind me that I need to go to work in order to buy the kibble to feed Stupid the Cat, so that he doesn't have to go back out into the wild and try to capture his own food with his amazing skills of cute adorableness. 


StyleSpy said...

Everyone needs a Stupid in his life.

Lynne DeVenny said...

Looks like a real smart cat to me ;P

Laura Hull said...

I've often thought my cat is a bit vacant as well. But then I realize that she still got the better end of the deal. I go to work every day and she lounges around at home. So maybe she's not that dumb . . .