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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sex, Lies and Asshat

Not too long ago, I bumped into (yet another) ex-coworker from my days working for Asshat.  It was someone I couldn’t really stand, and time has only made my dislike stronger.  I swallowed my burning hatred displeasure and we spoke for some time.  I was curious about some of the rumors circulating around the time I quit, and she was in a position to confirm or deny several of them. 

In what universe is it OK for an attorney (a senior equity partner at that) to sleep with even one employee, much less two?  I am not surprised, though, that Asshat would do such a thing, especially how addicted he is to power and being in control of everything. 

It explains why he always hired attractive young women with zero qualifications.  Which begs the question, why did he hire me?  I am an unattractive man with (at the time) several qualifications.  He must really have been desperate to have someone on his payroll that could actually get work done.

I was so lucky to get out of that place.  Damn lucky.  I can’t imagine anything has changed.

The biggest rumor was that she was sleeping with Asshat.  Apparently she was surprised that I just came out and asked about it directly, so she confirmed the rumor.  Then, she admitted that she quit working there after catching him sleeping with another employee. 

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Momalegal said...

Ha ha, sometimes it's nice to get confirmation of suspicions. And the title of this post? Priceless. :)