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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Head Banging




Sorry, that's the sound of my head smashing into my desk repeatedly.  I'm hoping that the ensuing concussion and/or brain damage will erase my memories of the Un-Manager's monumental stupidity.  Once more, she has thurst herself into a situation she knows nothing about, yet feels needs her smothering attention anyway. 

So I'm merrily humming along, serving discovery responses.  Something I've done a few thousand times before, so I've got a good bead on how to do it.  One of the new, young associates happens to mention to UM that I'm working on them.  Apparently UM was bored with online shopping (something we encourage her to do since it keeps her out of our way), and decides to "help" me. 

Cue the Imperial March from "Star Wars".  Or the theme to "The 3 Stooges".  Either one is appropriate.

Suddenly, thanks to her malevolent stupidity, an hour long project has morphed into 5 hours and results in me staying until 9PM fixing the crap she screwed up.

Honestly, it's days like that which made me become an Alcoholic in the first place, and now just make it that much harder.

Also, I reamed out that Associate for even mentioning work to the UM.  I try not to yell at the attorneys, but this time it was justified. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you are posting again, but sorry it was due to UM's utter incompetence.

One day at a time. :-)

Lynne DeVenny said...

Oh, are you okay? If I was there, I'd offer you the feather pillow from my chair (you can see it in my blog header...lol), you know, so you wouldn't get hurt.

My whole week has been full of days like this, planned work getting derailed by emergencies not o' my creation :)

I do have a desk full of chocolate. I could mail you some. It helps :)