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Friday, July 26, 2013

Object Lesson in How Not to Be Competent

After enough time, and a drought of job openings that I am overly qualified for, I have reluctantly accepted the fact that my current job will be where I suffer for an undefined, unknown and interminable period of time. During which my life will suck as set forth below...

I was hired for my experience working simultaneously in numerous fields of law for small firms, regional firms and international firms.  After running afoul of The UnManager, she convinced her highly connected boss that I was Kryptonite, despite glowing reviews to the contrary from the attorneys I actually met and worked with.

A month into unemployment, I finally got an interview.  Apparently, this was the only firm in town that was more interested in my experience than worrying about incurring the wrath of UM's protector.  I sensed that immediately during the interview, and when they offered me a job I said yes.  Mostly because I needed income and benefits, and they were the only firm in a 4 state radius apparently willing to hire me, but also I was a bit impressed that they didn't care about what UM's boss thought even after I brought him up in the 2nd interview.  

While I am not really "happy" with where I am, I have accepted that it is better than (a) unemployment and (b) working for Asshat.  I need health insurance to cover the numerous medications I am taking to deal with (a) clinical depression that is genetic, (b) chronic alcoholism as a result of the stress of this job and a genetic propensity and (c) blood pressure medicine as a result of the stress of this job. 

So I'm limping along miserably in a job I despise at the only firm desperate enough to hire me.  This is where I am as a result of being competent enough to demonstrate the incompetence of UnManager.  The lesson here is that we still live in a world where an elite few protect their utterly incompetent yet still beloved favorites at the cost of destroying the lives of more competent hardworking people who just want acknowledgement for their hard work. 


lisa said...

Stay strong Grumpy - you seem to be a gifted paralegal - I'm hoping this job is just a pit stop on the way to a great job for you. Keep networking! best wishes! This economy causes all us great/competent workers to suffer with crappy bosses because there are so few opportunities right now. I hope this changes in the near future for all our sakes!

Momalegal said...

Genetic depression sucks, doesn't it? There's nothing like hearing, "congratulations, you'll likely be on anti-depressants for the rest of your life." Not like that's depressing. Thanks a lot, gene pool.

Keep your chin up. In time, something else has to open up and perhaps this job will underscore that you are a competent and hire-worthy employee, despite the stigmata from UnManager.

bail agent vegas said...

13 of the 15 jobs I've had in my life have been Hell on Earth. I feel you and have had bouts of work-induced depression for years.

Ryan M. said...

I have heard that the paralegal field is becoming over-saturated. Is this a reality or just a rumor of sorts? I like the fact that you have injected humor into your blog. How important is it to have a good sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously when dealing with the stress of your job? Thanks for your time.