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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nibbled to death

Everything I touch today seems to turn into a huge, steaming pile of manure.

First thing this morning, I discover one of my check requests (pro hac vice filing fee) is overdue. Upon asking the billing people to look into it, apparently their system can't account for someone changing their name due to a recent marriage, so it was sitting in a queue somewhere, despite being a rush request that should have been done 2 days ago. After several snark-laden, hair-raising e-mails, finally get the idiots up at the head office to clear the damn thing so our poor local person can print the check and get it signed.

Next, I get a call from the Clerk's Office. (Always a good way to start the day.) They are STILL looking for something they asked me twice for. That I sent. 2 weeks ago. I dig up the clocked-in delivery sheet, call back, and tell them how stupid they are. 15 minutes later, get a return call saying they finally found it on an unused desk. A rare admission of being wrong, which only marginally eases my pissed-off-ness.

The last straw: The soda machine is down, and will only be dispensing warm soda. For the next 2 weeks. Because they need to order a new compresser. (Guess we don't make them enough money to warrant overnighting the thing.)


And it is only lunchtime!!!

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Paralegal said...

Sadly, that happened to me several times when I worked litigation. Not the good ol' boy network, which does exsist here, but the "missing" file.