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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scapegoat Tales

Ever been yelled at by an attorney for something that was done (actually NOT done in this case) by someone else, who was responsible for the case 2 years ago? Welcome to the wonderful world of the paralegal.

When I got this file in May '10, it was a disaster. 3 prior paralegals, including 2 who are no longer with the firm, worked on it before it was assigned to me. Coupled with the sheer volume of stuff in the file, it was a complete disaster. I spent the better part of a week cleaning this damn thing up. After getting everything organized, and spending another month on doc review redacting credit card info from our client's invoices prior to production, the jackass decides to fire us and go to another firm, who will be his THIRD in this case.

Flash forward to the present. We have long ago given everything to the new firm, making sure it was all well organized and complete, because we aren't douchebags. I'm now fielding my THIRD request from them for something missing from the file that I didn't know was supposed to exist because someone didn't do their fucking job 2 years ago.

Gotta love cleaning up other people's mistakes. I'm getting really good at it, since all the problem files are making their way to me. Yay me.

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