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Friday, November 12, 2010


Have a huge brief to file, and the regular secretary is out.  We're stuck with the replacement, who is pretty much useless.  I've spent far too much time today telling her I don't know what we'll be doing because the attorneys haven't given me the brief yet.  She just doesn't grasp the whole "I don't have it yet" concept and keeps trying to get more information.  It's all I can do not to scream STFU at her.

The worst part is, they attorneys won't be done until after 5.  On a Friday.  Why, oh why does the Court like to make all briefing deadlines on Fridays?  I can stay late happily any other day of the week, but Friday is my day to Get The Hell Out Of Here.  Anything after 5:01 is cutting into my weekend.  MY time.  Mine.  You guys can have everything from 8:00 Monday to 5:00 Friday, but 5:01 Friday through 7:59 Monday is MINE!!!

Sorry, had to vent.  Can't drink, so the best I can do is bitch and moan.

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