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Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Cards

A post earlier today on Above the Law made me recall my own past experiences with holiday card sending at work. 

One previous employer insisted that everyone at the firm hand sign every card, all 2000 of them (cards, not employees).  Ever signed your name 2000 times in a row?  Each year, whatever joy I had about the holiday season was quickly obliterated that day. 

When working for the Court system, we were not allowed to send or receive cards or gifts, even if we paid for them ourselves.  Apparently the government doesn't have a problem making Christmas a Federal Holiday, just with people trying to observe it.  At any rate, that made things a little less complicated and we had a built-in ironclad excuse.

Presumably my current firm sends out cards, but I don't know for certain. 

I will not be offended by failure to send a card, nor will I be offended if I get one.  Just the way I roll. 

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