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Monday, November 22, 2010

Things to do when it's slow...

Since this is shaping up to be a darn slow week, I thought it would be a nice time to put together a short list of my favorite things to do when work is scarce (in no particular order).  This will not be one of those "professional" posts either, enough of them have been done over the years to cover the subject adequately.

1.  Go through the files and find problems to be fixed.  Usually created by attorneys who come in and screw with the files while my back is turned.  Depending on the client, you can often get some billable work out of this, and save yourself many headaches later on when a crisis erupts.

2.  Reorganize your office/cubicle to be more Feng Shui.  With this much stress in our lives, anything to reduce it can't hurt.

3.  Care for your office plant(s).  The poor things sit there 24/7/365 giving you fresh air and get so little in return.  Prune those dead leaves, poke a pencil into the soil to areate it, etc.  I have a spider plant that's so overdue for dividing that it's creating a new climate zone.  (Does anyone else smell office holiday gifts?  All for the price of a bag of soil and some pots.) 

4.  Catch up on law-related blogs, and charge the time to professional development.

5.  Update your "hit by a bus" memo.  Meaning, if you are suddenly out for an extended period due to illness or accident, a document that will permit whoever is covering for you to get up to speed with a minimum of problems.  Trust me, this can come in handy and make you look awesomely prepared.  So long as it can be found...

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