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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Thoughts on Lawyers

One of the most annoying people to work for is the type who can't accept that you did something correctly the first time.  There ALWAYS has to be a correction or nit to pick, even if it's a fabricated one.  It's a good feeling to catch them in the act.  Usually, they'll never fess up, but if done the right way both parties know it.

I work with two such lawyers, and have managed to burn both of them in less than a week's time.  Each had pretty much the same response, which was along the lines of "just do it this way from now on..."  I got that in writing to use the NEXT time this comes up on the same issue. 

Covering your ass will set you free.  Plus, the attorneys won't go to the managing partner to complain about you catching them in a lie.  Something else, maybe, but never that.

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