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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fridays Suck

Why do emergencies always seem to happen on Friday afternoons? 

Yes, this is something that I constantly bitch about, but seriously.  How the $#*@ many Fridays (or last-days-of-the-week) in a row do I have to stay late?  If you knew today was the last day to get a routine motion filed for a certain hearing date, that doesn't mean this is the ONLY day to get said motion filed.  The Courts were open yesterday, too.

Deep sigh. 

With luck I'll be out of here in time to get to my AA meeting.  Haven't said anything about it to the attorneys yet.  Holding onto that information until *just* the right time, meaning a ton of guilt-tripping is needed. 

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mrsktj said...

Ah the classic FFF: Four o'clock-Friday-Filing. I no longer work at a firm, but us paralegals on the client side suffer from these too. The last time I had this happen to me I had an hour to get our CEO sign a declaration and he was in the middle of an important meeting I couldn't interrupt. Luckily we had a fire drill so I was able to get him to sign in the parking lot.

Know you're not alone my friend!