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Monday, March 7, 2011


I LOVE Mondays!  Mondays are awesome!  I spend all weekend thinking how great it will be to return to my fabulous job and those wonderful attorneys with such amazing communications skills.  Deposition summaries are the best thing ever!  Almost as great as document review! 


(a) Love mondays

(b) have a problem with over-using sarcasm

(c) need to see a therapist

(d) b and c

The correct answer is (d).  If you answered (a), you're obviously on the wrong website. 


Elizabeth said...

LOL! Another day, another dollar. Happy Monday. Meh.

Today I get to respond to a 56 item Request for Production of Documents in a dissolution case. Joy.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Depo summaries totally rock!! (Now excuse me while I poke my eyes out.) :)