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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thought of the Day - Staple Remover Rage

You know those handheld staple removers that look like a bird's beak?  Clean the freakin' thing out when you're done!  Someone used mine to remove about a hundred staples, and they were somehow stacked up along the arm of the staple remover, all the way to the point where it became jammed.  Yes, it's a minor thing, but someone (a) entered my office when I wasn't there, (b) used my stuff without asking and (c) rendered said stuff unusable.  That's a trifecta of common courtesy violations. 

If I find out who did it, their chair won't have wheels anymore. 


Elizabeth said...

insert thumbs up symbol here. I hear ya!

Mark said...

Hey it's K Street Paralegal, now I've got you on my feed. One tip you should dissimenate throughout the office (like that's gonna help) is to first bend the backs of the staples with the remover and then go for the front. that way the staples just pop out and SHOULDN'T pile up like that, unless you're a monkey.

Grumpy Humbug said...

These are the same people who have to be TOLD not to wander into client meetings and take the free food. Before the meeting is over. Not thinking they are going to listen. But appreciate the suggestion!