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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What are you giving up?

I usually steer away from controversial topics, including (but not limited to) politics and religion, but the timing of this is simply too good to pass up.

Today marks the start of Lent, the traditional Christian period of self-flagellation repentance and starvation deprivation to reinforce guilt that Jesus died for us purify the soul.  Or something.  Not entirely sure.  I sleep in Sunday mornings.

Every year, the inevitable question arises "what are you giving up for Lent?"  Don't bother asking if I'm (a) Christian, (b) practicing, or (c) observing Lent.  Usually, I just politely say that I don't observe Lent.  This year, I have elected to observe Lent in my own way by giving up something important to me...

Caring about anyone other than myself at work.

I devote the bulk of my professional life to catering to other people's whims (associates, partners, clients, Clerk's Office, etc.).  In exchange, I get a mediocre paycheck and lots of complaints.  Plus a membership in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Probably an ulcer, to boot.  Caring about what others need is the primary responsibility of a paralegal, so I've gotten very good at that.

I was taught by my parents that it is important to do a good job, no matter what you're doing.  As a result, I do a good job as a paralegal, which means constantly depriving myself of anything like happiness, joy, sunlight or whatever constitutes a normal life. 

So, since doing what everyone else wants must therefore be important to me professionally, I must give it up to properly observe Lent.  I think. 

Meh, I don't care.  Whatever.

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Elizabeth said...

haha. Sounds good! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)