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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Court Clerks are Evil

I electronically submit a brief to the Court in the mid-afternoon, they wait a couple hours (their typical turnaround time is about 10 minutes), reject the brief a minute before closing and promptly vanish.  I don't even get the e-mail about rejection until after close of business.  Thus, there is no possible way for me to re-submit the brief so that it wasn't late. 

Supposedly, there was a minor formatting problem.  Yet, the prior day, in the same case, we submitted a brief that was in the exact same format!!!  That one was accepted on the first attempt by the same asshole Clerk.  Whuck???

So we re-submit the same document with no changes, and put a note in the system for the clerk to call me before they review so we can discuss what is allegedly wrong.  They accept the filing, but don't even have the balls courtesy to call me as I demanded kindly requested. 

Court clerks reject filings for the simple reason that it's the only real power they have. 


Space Monkey said...

Yeah, clerks can either be awesome to work with (I actually love going to the tax court, the only reason I still offer to do anything for that practice group), but mah gawd, it's as if some clerks wake up, get in the shower, walk out to Starbucks, and don't realize they've ordered the poop latte until its half done.

Paralegal said...

It sucks so much that we have to suck up to them so much in order to get anything done.
Don't get me wrong, there are some awesome clerks where I am, but then there are those that see that there is a HUGE ass line waiting to get something filed, looks at the line, smiles, and then goes to someones desk and talks loudly about how crazy The Housewives of Atlanta are.
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