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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun with the File Room

Our file room clerk has been up to her usual sub-par shenanigans.  I sent a pile of documents to the file room a few days back.  It's safe to assume I would not have gone through all the effort of filling out the required forms if the files were in my office.  Despite this, several of the documents showed up back in my inbox, with a note that she thinks I have the files because I was the last person working on them.  Not being a moron, the first place I went was back to the file room to look for the files.  All of them were on the shelf in the proper spot.  All.  Of.  Them. 

Accidental laziness I can forgive.  Blatantly stupid laziness deserves a visit from the clue-by-four upside the back of the head.

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