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Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh for cryin' out...

So it's the Friday before a long weekend.  Yet again, looks like I'll be here late filing something that could have been done days ago.  At some point, am I allowed to be angry about this?  I haven't left on-time for a long weekend since last year's July 4. 

Mysteriously, it seems like I'm the only paralegal in our office who has to do this on a regular basis.  Noone else can remember having to stay late before a long weekend so many times in a row.  Everyone else manages to avoid it, but good ol' reliable Grumpy can't.  The bad part is, it's not even the same lawyer.  The bastards are ganging up on me!

When I went on my last vacation, I snuck out on the fire stairs a half-hour early to avoid the last-minute crap that always seems to pop up and ruin my plans.  Turns out, someone did want me to do something.  Because I was already gone, another paralegal had to stay 4 hours late.  If I had stayed, that would have made me miss a flight and a whole day at my destination had I not left early.  Not to mention pissing off my girlfriend.  I do not feel bad about it either.  (That paralegal never steps up to help anyone.  Kharma's a bitch, baby.)

I realize that staying late is part of the job.  Fine.  But apply that equally and make others stay late once in a while.  Why am I always the one who has to have a long weekend ruined by working until midnight on Friday?

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