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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why, why did you do that?

One of our secretaries obtained a deposition transcript, and Attorney told her to send it to another Attorney in one of our other offices.  Secretary sent the only copy we had.

What's wrong with this picture?  What cardinal sins were committed here?

1.  Didn't make a copy for our file.
2.  Didn't scan it in for our electronic records.
3.  Gave an attorney the ONLY copy we had of something.
4.  Sent the ONLY copy we had to another office.

There are STILL people who wonder why I'm Grumpy. 


Momalegal said...

Seriously? And how long has this person worked in a law office? Or any office for that matter?

Slave to ungrateful lawyers said...

sadly, that's not the worst thing I've seen:

1. I once saw a girl send a fax to OUR fax number and then be baffled why it didn't go through.

2. Another mailed a letter to a corporate client at their registered office address (OUR office)

3. a process server gave my Defendant ALL the copies and kept none for the Affidavit of Service.

although I can see why you would be annoyed - transcripts in Canada are VERY expensive and I would be pissed too.