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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weeping Silently for Humanity

I've complained before about people who don't fill the printer.  You know the ones, the pricks who print a ton of stuff, run it empty, then put in just 10 pieces of paper to finish their job.  The drawer holds an entire 500 page ream. 

I walk past my Quad's printer and noticed an open, nearly full ream of paper sitting next to it.  Red Flag.  So I check the drawer indicator, which is at nearly-empty.  I open the drawer, and there's about 10 pieces of paper in it.  Exactly what was removed from the open ream of paper sitting on the counter next to the printer. 

Honestly, I was torn between smashing the printer on the floor in rage, or weeping silently for the future of humanity.  Only because I have a lot of stuff to print this morning, I chose the latter.  So here I sit, weeping silently for the future of humanity.  Printing lots of stuff.


Sarah Thompson said...

In what world does that make sense? It takes no more time or effort to put the whole ream in than it does to put just a few sheets in.

Paralegal Mom said...

I hate people who do that.

Corporate Paralegal said...

No freaking kidding!!!! This is as bad as the person who leaves a paper jam in the copier and walks away.

LawyerGirl said...

Ironically enough, my former paralegal used to do that to me. I despised her.