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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Leaving - The Attorneys

Most of the Attorneys are sad to see me go.  Apparently they hate losing competent employees (go figure, they keep enough useless ones around...).  It's amusing to see how the Associates who were the least satisfied with my work are the most upset by my pending departure. 

Some of the Associates are actually trying to convince me that my new employer will be much harsher and far less forgiving of the slightest error.  Now, knowing several people who have worked with the local managing partner and in the main office of that firm, I am certain that is not the case.  So it's apparently just a scare tactic to keep me from leaving.  That's actually pretty funny coming from people who should know that I don't scare easily.

Un-surprisingly, the Partners seem not to care, at least most of them.  Most Annoying Partner Ever ("MAPE") has been avoiding me, although at some point I expect MAPE will try to say something nice, probably by e-mail rather than to my face.  Given MAPE's past history and piss-poor communication skills it will probably come off as insulting rather than nice, but after all this time I've learned how to read between the lines for MAPE's real message.

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No lie, I'm jealous.