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Friday, September 9, 2011

Leaving - The Last Day (Part 1)

So, it's the final day.  I'm actually relieved to get this endless goodbye over with and start some well-earned time off.  I have a 3 page statement prepared for my exit interview (probably an entire post all of it's own - will try to get that up over the weekend).

Strange how much personal crap you can accrue at the office over 5-ish years.  Not sure I can squeeze it all into my small 2-door sub-compact.  (Go ahead, laugh, but I get 42 MPG.  I save my 8 MPG pickup for the weekends.)

The good-bye e-mails have been popping up for a couple of days now.  Admin staff, paralegals and associates have been quite sincere about wishing me luck.  Partners, with a couple exceptions, haven't said much of anything. 

I will continue this tonight or over the weekend with all the gory details sure to come...

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Fort Worth 8L said...

Are we ever going to get the rest of the stories? We are on pins and needles waiting.