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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The New Job

I'm settling in at the new firm.  Things are slower compared to my last job, but I'm thrilled not complaining.  It's nice to have some breathing room. 

The attorneys I'm working with seem to be a good bunch, albeit a little reluctant to let me take on some of the burden.  Admittedly, it does take time to build trust in a new co-worker.

The staff are all intelligent professionals, and there doesn't seem to be any personality conflicts (yet).  I'm going out of my way to avoid anything.

The biggest change is having a much larger support network available through the main office.  It's amazing (at least for me) to have entire departments devoted to document production, word processing, etc., and not scrounge around begging for help from already overloaded co-workers.  I can accomplish a lot more actual paralegal work and pass off the BS paper-shuffling onto people who have the right tools, and are much faster and better at it.

Another plus is no more out-of-state co-counsel.  Everything is done within the firm, and there's a lot more communication about who's doing what. 

I'm sure bad things will eventually come to light, but so far it seems the major stuff is headed in the right direction.  Holding my breath...


Lynne DeVenny said...

So far sounds like Paralegal Heaven :D

Superlegal said...

Maybe you're part of a real-life Truman Show(?)!

Congrats! So happy for you!