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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Up Early on Saturday

I had to drop someone off at the airport at 5 AM on a Saturday morning.  Most people would go back home to bed, but I am not "most people" as you may have gathered.  Instead, I chose to take advantage of already being up that freakin' early and head out to the boonies for a taste of early morning Farmer's Market action.  Don't knock it, those places have The Good Stuff.

Let's just say it was a good morning.  From the airport it was roughly an hour to where the good markets are.  Since I was up that early, it was better for all parties that I get breakfast first.  GrumpyHumbug turns into RagingAsshole when he hasn't had breakfast, much less after waking up at 4 AM to drive someone to the freakin' airport. 

After eating a satisfying breakfast, all the best stuff was laid out before me in the marketplace, largely untouched.  Just a few insomniac early birds to compete with.  Usually I manage to make these places by noon.  It was shocking how much better the choices were that early.  Shocking!

Not to say getting up at 4 AM on Saturday will be a regular occurance, but the lesson learned here is important.  As to the saying "early bird gets the worm" we'll just say that worm should really say "damn good farmer's market super-high-quality goodness".  I may sacrifice a good Friday night's sleep once every month or 6 weeks, but lines have to be drawn.

Still, I strongly encourage people to check out local Farmer's Markets.  Paralegals never make as much as they need, and said Markets usually provide goods superior to grocery store quality at better prices.  The more of us use Farmer's Markets, the better they will get.  Demand always finds a Supply.

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