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Friday, December 2, 2011

Things I Don't Understand

I never pretended to be the smartest or most knowledgable person in the world, but there's a few things going on in this world that I simply cannot fathom...

1.  People who are famous but haven't actually done anything to earn it.  Example A:  The Kardashians.  Best I can tell, their stepfather won some Olympic medals about 30 years ago.  Why does that earn them a TV show?  Are we really that starved for entertainment in this day and age?

2.  Driving in the passing lane without passing.  Pass the cars in the right lane or GTFO of my way. 

3.  Office Managers at Law Firms.  In all the firms I've worked, I can't fully grasp exactly what they do, other than hold useless meetings and do a little accounting work here and there.  Take on some cases for cryin' out loud!  I'm sure there are valuable office managers out there, but so far I haven't encountered one.  Or a firm that actually needs one.

4.  Road Construction during rush hour that involves un-needed lane closures.  It's like the DOT is just screwing with us.


fort worth 8 L said...

The Kardashians are the wife and daughters of OJ Simpson defense lawyer Robert Kardashian (I think that was his first name) who died years back. He was wealthy from his attorney work (must chased a few good ambulances). The rest of the family - eh. I think Kris (the mother) found some of her deceased husband's friends from whom to gain fame.

Superlegal Fun said...