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Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Haven't I Been Sent to an Insane Asylum Yet?

After a long day of churning through some of the most boring discovery documents in the history of litigation, one of the Associates comes to me and mentions we will be producing documents in another case and asking if I could help out.  (Not really a question, but at least he was being polite.) 

I was told everything should be ready and all I needed to do was put everything onto a CD for transmittal to opposing counsel.  Seems striaghtforward, right?  Hah!  I ended up burning and copying 3 different sets of disks, because Associate kept changing things in the production set, even though we've had this stuff for weeks.  I made it to the FedEx drop off with minutes to spare.

After all these years, that kind of thing still frustrates me.  If you know when a deadline is, why the hell can't you prepare for it?  Ask for help?  Something?  I should know and expect otherwise, but I foolishly still keep thinking Attorneys will know better.


Deadpan Alley said...

I completely understand your frustration.

KT said...

I completely feel your pain and ask myself the same question all the time!