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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dwelling on the Past

Honestly, I haven't had much to write about lately.  Things are pretty slow, and noone has done anything particularly annoying.  Except for the schizo weather here, there just isn't much worth covering.

So naturally, all this down-time has me thinking about the past, working jobs where such a concept as "down-time" was laughable. 

I don't miss my time at the factory run by Asshat, where we didn't so much practice law as plug numbers into forms and throw them at the Court by the dozen.  Asshat's clients had simple metrics of success:  how many things we could file, how much money they could get back and how little they could get away with charging us for it.

I also don't miss my last firm much.  Being dragged in 6 different directions, working for 40-plus attorneys in 4 different practice groups doing everything from litigation to patents to real estate to M&A, and all of them thought their work came first.  Where there was no organizational structure among the paralegals, and the Office Manager refused to either stand up for us or even attempt to organize the workflow in some logical manner.  I billed over 2000 hours a year, and yet some other equally capable paralegals managed barely half that.

Yes, I have it pretty good here.  I just wish it hadn't taken so long, and had to put up with so much crap, to get to this point. 

Or am I just used to the crap and have become numb to it?

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