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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaser - I WAS FRAMED!!!

More details will come this weekend when I have had enough time to fully digest the stupidity.  Short version, UnManager somehow got me fired despite having no valid reason.  Fortunately I saw it coming and... well... that's a longer story.

Teaser:  within 3 hours the associates arranged to meet me for lunch next week.  All of them.

Yes, this will be a multi-post, juicy, fun-for-the-whole-family epic.  Once I find a way to get past the concurrent joy/pain of being fired.

Any studios interested in buying movie rights, I'm open to offers with the right screenwriter.  Guaranteed to make more money than Gigli.  Maybe.


StyleSpy said...

Whoa. I got fired yesterday, too. If you work for the guy I work for, it's not enough to come in every day, do your work accurately and well, solve problems before they happen, get along with the clients, and keep the whole office more organized and up-to-date than it's been in years. You also have to fawn all over him, tell him how smart & funny he is every day, listen to his same war stories time after time after time, and generally function as a cheerleader/girlfriend/mommy. AND overlook all his unbelievably unethical practices and the way he abuses his clients. I'm worried about getting work, but not-waking-up-with-a-sick-stomach this morning was pretty fantastic.

Anonymous said...

OK, now I am officially impatient and curious. What happened?

Sheila Rambeck said...

It's been two weeks! Inquiring minds want to know what happened!