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Friday, November 1, 2013

Backing Away

Sadly, I must back off from blogging due to ongoing real world problems.  Plus, there's not much more I have to say right now beyond the usual I-hate-my-job and my boss is an annoying prick.  The chief reason I slowed down this year was mostly that every day is the same pathetic slog, and I have nothing interesting to write about.

The site is staying up, and I will post occasionally if something worth writing about occurs.  In case anyone wants to contact me for questions, advice, etc., I will keep my email, aparalegalslife@gmail.com, up and I do normally check it several times a week.

This isn't good bye, not by any stretch.  I've put 3 years into this, and recently broke 100,000 pageviews. This blog gave me an outlet that helped during some really bad times in my life, and I've made some good online friends in the process.

Keep an eye on my Twitter feed @grumpyhumbug, I'll put alerts of any new posts there.  Or just do it old school and check here occasionally.  See you later!



Momalegal said...

Aww, Grumpy, I totally understand that. I had no real intention of not blogging anymore, but life just got in the way. Then I felt like bitching about the same stuff wasn't getting me anywhere.

Take a break & we'll look forward to hearing from you when you feel like it! :)

Recovering Paralegal said...

Only leaving makes it better, that's my experience. The field, not writing.