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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Day - Refilling the Printer

If you are using the communal printer, and it runs out of paper on your print job, I appreciate the fact that you refill it. What I do NOT appreciate is that you tear open the ream of 500 sheets of paper and only put 10 sheets into the tray just to finish YOUR print job, leaving the rest of us hanging. The tray holds an entire ream of paper. Not only that, but you leave the open package next to the printer, as if taunting the rest of us. Do you not think someone else will be using the printer soon? How f*&#ing rude can you get? I can only hope it's rude, because the other option is stupid.

OK, that's out of my system now. Been holding onto that for a while.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! Can't tell you how many times that has ruined by morning. UGH.

Paralegal said...

HA!!! Great thought of the day!
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