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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Most Annoying Partner. Ever.

There's a partner in our office that noone can stand.  Secretaries, Paralegals, Associates, even other Partners steer clear.  He's not even a bad person, just a lousy attorney who is impossible to work for/with.  He has every bad quality an attorney could possibly have.  A walking encyclopedia of bad lawyer habits.  Noone really even knows why he's a partner.  It's certainly not based on abilities, people skills, bringing in business or because anyone like him.  Hell, he even gets paid less than most of the senior associates do. 

Guess who much of my work comes from?  Yep.  He just thinks I'm the Bees Knees.  Lucky me.  Whenever that name pops up in my e-mail inbox, I silently weep inside, knowing the rest of my week is ruined.  Hell, it will take an hour and 5 e-mails just to figure out what he's asking me to do.  I've met two-year-olds with better communication skills.

Heavy sigh.


SpaceMonkey said...

Ha. Sounds like Rhinoman in my office. He's a lateral from God Knows Where LLP and still to this day doesn't know how to put in his own hours so he tells his secretary to make them up for him and then put them into the admin system. Once he couldn't find her so he asked me. Really? Whether this guy just had absolutely no moral compass or not, it goes to show that despite years of training, there are a lot of lawyers out there that are still dumb.

Paralegal said...

Well, I think your the Bees Knees too :)
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