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Friday, July 1, 2011

Slow as Molasses in January

The last day before a long holiday weekend always seems slow, but when work has dried up for the "everyone's at the shore" season known as July/August, it just seems that much worse.  Today is going to be excruciating.  I almost hope some crisis comes up today.  (Almost.)  Unfortunately, they all seemed to happen yesterday so that the partners could get a head start on their long weekends and beat the traffic to their summer homes. 

This also brings up another cruel twist that my firm throws at us.  The Fiscal Year ends with July and August, typically the slowest months in BigLaw.  Those who are low on billable hours have almost zero chance of getting caught up before the FY ends.  It's just mean to do that.  I also fail to understand why the Fiscal Year doesn't correspond to the Calendar Year.  It seems like some arbitrary invention by Accountants to make the rest of us suffer for teasing them in college.

Either way, enjoy the Fourth and try not to blow yourself (or anyone else) up.  I need the pageviews!  Four or five more years, and I can use the ad revenue to buy dinner at McDonald's.

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