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Friday, July 15, 2011

Warning Signs of An Impending Bad Day

Stuff On My Chair.  I.  HATE.  SOMC.  H8H8H8H8H8H8H8H8!!!!!

It's Friday.  For some reason, chaos always erupts on Fridays, especially in the mid-afternoon.  It's more certain than Death, Taxes and the Sun rising in the East.

My e-mail inbox has 211 new messages since 6 PM last night.  All in the same case.  All from within the firm.

There is nothing on my calendar today.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch. 

It's going to be a long day...


Slave to ungrateful lawyers said...

My personal favourite is when the phone rings at 4:20 on a Friday (most Canadian offices close at 4:30) and it's a cold calling client who wants us to get him/her custody/access of the kids for the weekend. WTF do they think we're gonna do at that point, wave our magic wands?

LostParalegal said...

My favorite is when I come in with the intent and desire to finish drafting a brief for Cool Attorney which is due *that day* (and that we've been too lazy to finalize until then), and boss sends me an email mid-afternoon, demanding that I immediately jump on his non-billable.

I forward the email to Cool Attorney, as he has instructed me to do, to run interference. He tells boss what I'm doing.

Boss's response: "Unless you can tell me that she'll be here until 3 in the morning to do both, then she can do both".


As long as it's only 2:59am.

Grumpy Humbug said...

It was slow most of the day. Until 4:40, when all be-jeezus-in-godforsaken-hell broke loose, because co-counsel suddenly remembered something that HAD TO GET DONE RIGHT NOW despite the deadline under the scheduling order being farther away than... umm... NEXT FUCKING CHRISTMAS!!!???!!!???

But I'm not bitter. Angry, pissed off and willing to sell my soul to SATAN for a winning lottery ticket. But not bitter.

Anonymous said...

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