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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leaving - Useless Office Manager

Following over the next few days will be a series of posts on how various people reacted to my announcement of leaving the firm.  Today we will start with probably the worst reaction of all, Useless Office Manager.

UOM was already one of my least favorite people in the firm.  I made a conscious decision to go over UOM's head and hand my resignation letter straight to the Managing Partner.  MP took the news well, and seemed genuinely happy for me that my new position was a step up in responsibility and prestige.  MP is a really nice guy, which is why I went to him instead of UOM.  If I had gone to UOM first, it's possible the resulting conversation would end with one of us taken out of the building in handcuffs (probably me).  After I left MP's office, presumably he informed UOM first to begin the process of winding down my employment.  I don't really know, because UOM didn't speak to me for a week. 

A meeting was held with the rest of the paralegals about who would be inheriting my caseload, however I was not told about the meeting ahead of time.  UOM specifically didn't want me involved because I would be a "distraction".  Maybe it's just me, but not including the person with the most knowledge of the cases in the process of assigning those cases seems a bit... what's the word... moronic?  Everyone else seemed to think so. 

In the entire 2 weeks I was still in the office, UOM only spoke to me once, just to inform me of when my exit interview would be.  No good wishes, no sorry to see you go, nothing.  Wouldn't even look me in the eye the one time we did briefly speak. 

The only thing I can think of is that UOM was either (a) jealous of me for getting a better job, (b) fearful of what I would say about UOM's utter lack of abilities during my exit interview or (c) both.  I'm thinking (c).


Slave to ungrateful lawyers said...

Can't wait for the blog post about what you said in the exit meeting!

Corporate Paralegal said...

Can I submit a reason (d)?

(d) UOM is just a plain old bitch.

David Chambers said...

How about: Miffed because you went over UOM's head; pissed at the perceived 'lack of respect' shown by said action; pissed because of the additional work burden placed on UOM; simply a piss-poor attitude which gives one pause to wonder, a. how did UOM get that job, b. how does UOM KEEP that job, 3. how can UOM function with all that misery it wallows in/creates/distributes/inflicts. P.S. GOOD FOR YOU! You got out of an environment toxic to your person, your career, and your work.