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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leaving - The Last Day (Part 2)

Sorry for the delay, lots of things went wrong all at the same time. 

So, the rest of my last day went better than expected.  Pizza was brought in for lunch.  I gave a brief speech about I was glad to have worked there, wished everyone well, etc.

It's quite interesting the things people say to you on the last day at work.  The paralegals generally either wished me well or stayed away from me.  The associates were mostly depressed.  The partners were gregarious as always.

The only major exceptions were MAPE and UOM.  MAPE finally, after two weeks of silence and avoidance, sent a tersely-worded half-hearted e-mail.  Something about how I always did good work, but MAPE's terrible communications skills garbled most of the rest.  (If anyone has an in with the CIA's cryptography people, let me know.  MAPE's e-mails would probably break their will to live.)

UOM continued to steer clear of me except for a brief meeting to sign a few forms and hand over my keys.  All strictly business, which was fine with me.

The exit interview was something of a letdown.  Someone from the main office gave a quick talk about 401k rollover and COBRA, but nothing else.  No grand final "F U", no chance to enlighten them about the lousy morale, poor communications and terrible management.  I thought about sending an e-mail to the Managing Partner of the firm, but decided to leave bad enough alone since it was my last day. 

Let's just say the mantra of the day was "no longer my problem". 

Oh, and I left 2 hours early without telling anyone.  Hey, what were they gonna do, fire me?

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Lee27 said...

As tempting as it is to let it all out when you leave---- don't You don't know if the new job will be your ideal perfect job and if it isn't then you will need a reference from this former employer. As the saying goes. 'don't burn your bridges"