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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Partied Out

I used to enjoy the holiday season, but this year I am officially partied out.  Yesterday was holiday party number 4.  Of the now *7* I'm obligated to go to.  Yes, there are 7 holiday parties that I MUST attend.  There are easily twice as many that I could attend but don't have to.  Two for the firm, three for important clients and two for critical vendors we need to keep happy.  I'm not big on mingling and small talk, especially when everyone else is drinking.  This is SUCH a great time of year to be a recovering alkie.

The one I'm fearing the most is next week, the big shin-dig in New York for the entire firm.  As we all know, Lawyers can DRINK.  So it will be me and a few thousand wasted co-workers.  Yay.  I can't wait.

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Corporate Paralegal said...

Just remember your camera. Perhaps you can get some good blackmail shots. If you have to be sober, at least take advantage of others' stupidity when drunk.