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Friday, March 2, 2012


I collected a bunch of random thoughts here in what will probably be a semi-regular feature.  None of them are really worth a full post, but are at least valuable enough to write down for posterity.  I've probably touched on some of these before, but some things bear repeating.

1.  The worth of co-counsel is inversely proportionate to the importance of the case.  Inevitably, you will have the worst co-counsel in history during the biggest cases of your career. 

2.  The Clerk's Office of any given court has so little actual power that they will inevitably abuse that tiny amount at your expense.  Usually when it's most inconvenient for you. 

3.  The more important a filing is, the later it will get to you and the less time you will have to make sure it's correct before the deadline hits. 

4.  Why do people in cities just wander out into the street without looking?  How did they make it to adulthood?  I'm thinking of installing a Cattle Catcher on the front of my car to deflect errant pedestrians.  That's legal, right?

5.  The longer I work with lawyers, the less I want to be one, and the more I hate them.  I'm pretty certain a significant rise in the number of lawyers has been the downfall of every civilization going back to Ancient Greece.

6.  A recent study said that chewing gum at work reduces your stress by an average of 17%.  I'm sure it said nothing about the increased stress among your co-workers who have to listen to you chewing gum.

7.  If I ever lose my Rolodex, life as I know it is pretty well over. 

8.  Small beanbags make excellent paperweights, and are also useful as an object to throw across your office in anger without doing (much) damage.

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TexAirhead said...

Can I use the small beanbag paperweight to throw at my legal assistant who insists on snapping and popping her gum so loudly that I can hear it 40 feet away?