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Friday, December 7, 2012

Beauty is Skin Deep, but Stupid Goes All The Way To The Core

The days when Un-Manager is out of the office are both a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because we can get work done without interference.  Curse because we only then uncover the true depth of stupidity and borderline negligence in how UM operates.

Recently, our main copier ran out of toner.  Did we have a spare like any other office would?  Of course. 


So I tell UM we are out and need to order more ASAP.  UM instructs me to put the spare one in.  (As if it wouldn't have occured to me to do that already.  UM thinks the rest of us are idiots, which is or course what all genuine idiots think.)  I tell UM we don't have a spare toner cartridge.  UM insists we do.  I tell UM to go find one because I am unable to.  5 minutes later UM agrees we don't have one and says it will be ordered.

Flash to the next morning. 

UM is out of the office.  Copier still doesn't have toner.  I e-mail UM to ask when we will expect to have it in (because I have a major job to do and really don't want to use the slow POS copier in the storage room).  I hear nothing, despite knowing she's working in another office and has a firm-issued Blackberry.  I go to our Admin and ask whether she knows anything.  "Oh, UM just e-mailed me and asked me to order it."  I was not happy.  In.  The.  Least. 

Admin calls and places an order for two cartridges on overnight delivery.  Two, because Admin is at least smart enough to realize we should actually HAVE a spare on hand instead of UM's policy of "wait until it runs out and then order another, but don't use rush delivery so we're all inconvenienced for a week."

Any questions now about the moniker "Un-Manager"?  If I fall off the wagon again, odds are running 90% it will be her that pushes me.

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Mrs. M. said...

You know, I've experienced the same episode...but something tells me that no one can tell UM how things should go because they feel if they're in charge then their way is the right way.