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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Over the holiday weekend (plus one day) I spent time doing outdoor sweat equity on my very own "Money Pit". 

I won't sugar-coat the situation.  It was hot, tiring and thankless.  Gallons of water consumed each hour, volunteers wilting by the minute, it was not pretty.  Unfortunately, the object of our exertions won.  Heat and Humidity beat out volunteers and free beer.

This has taught me something.  At the worst, we at least work indoors enjoying air conditioning and cold water.  Those two things alone would have been a huge benefit to me over the past weekend. 

Next time you see a road worker out on the tarmac, the least you can do is roll down the window and say "thank you".  At the worst, our profession keeps us indoors and climate-controlled.  Don't ever forget that.

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Corporate Paralegal said...

My brother once worked for a car wash at the end of the line where they wipe the cars down - in the hot sun. He said that they loved the cars that had air conditioning on and would take extra time wiping down the inside of that car so as to enjoy the air conditioning. Now, every time I use that particular car wash service, I turn my AC on the highest fan level and "maximum." And my car has never been cleaner!